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tamil Issue against lankan:Karunanidhi begins hunger strike

Monday ,April 27,2009

In Chennai: Tamil nadu chief minister DR.karunanidhi  went on for a hunger

strike here Monday for the benefit and to protest “cruel acts ”  against a Tamilans  in Sri Lanka and demanded an immediate ceasefire in the island nation.

he said that i have decided to offer my life and to increasing numbers of lives lost due to the Sinhalese regime’s continuing cruel acts against the Tamteril ethnic minority in the war in Sri Lanka,” Karunanidhi told reporter I stayed awake the whole night surfing television channels and radio stations to hear good news. Since that did not happen, I have decided to embark upon this endeavour on behalf of all the Tamils of the world,” he added.

The DMK patriarch is sitting in protest at the memorial of party founder C.N. Annadurai at the Marina Beach here.

A party functionary said the chief minister has not informed anyone how long the protest would last.

he ferment in Tamil Nadu comes amid the Sri Lankan government’s determination to crush the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), now confined to less than 10 sq km land area in the coastal belt of Mullaithivu district.

Atlast we got the news that srilankan stop the war against tamilians in srilanka

DLF Indian Premier League THIS WEEK

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The DLF is updated after every match keep watching and rocking

View Schedule by Team:

Match 1

Cape Town

Match Time 16:00 IST | 12:30 SA | 10:30 GMT

Mumbai: 165/7
Chennai: 146/7

Mumbai won by 19 runs.


Cape Town

Match Time 20:00 IST | 16:30 SA | 14:30 GMT or will start the later of 45 minutes after stumps on the first game

Bangalore: 133/8
Jaipur: 58/10

Bangalore won by 75 runs.


Cape Town

Match Time 16:00 IST | 12:30 SA | 10:30 GMT

Punjab: 104/7
Delhi: 58/0

Delhi won by 10 wickets (with 7 balls remaining) (D/L method)


Cape Town

Match Time 20:00 IST | 16:30 SA | 14:30 GMT or will start the later of 45 minutes after stumps on the first game

Kolkata: 101/10
Hyderabad: 102/2

Deccan Chargers won by 8 wickets


Port Elizabeth

Match Time 20:00 IST | 16:30 SA | 14:30 GMT

Chennai 179/5
Bangalore 87/10

Chennai won by 92 runs



Match Time 16:00 IST | 12:30 SA | 10:30 GMT

Punjab: 158/6
Kolkata: 79/1

Kolkata won by 11 runs(D/L method)



Match abandoned due to rain.


Cape Town

Match Begins 20:00 IST | 16:30 SA | 14:30 GMT

Hyderabad: 184/6
Bangalore: 160/8

Deccan Chargers won by 24 runs

such that each match must be listed depending upon the table of the match

next match is

chennai superkings VS Delhi dare devils

today at 16:00 IST | 12:30 SA | 10:30 GMT

so live be ready!!


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The computer giant Microsoft has signed a big deal with the indian company 0f $170-million  with HCL for outsouring work ,they contract  for five-years to work for it’s online buiness productivity suit

such that  HCL will provide 600 employees to support the contract and nearly 250 workers have already begun work on the project

Apart from this Microsoft does not said whether this contract is to replace any existing agreement in india and if this deal with an expansion of in the current outsourcing scope.

In Despite the recent job cuts, Microsoft has been expanding its online services business and has recently announced plans to make its Business Productivity

In such case the HCL needs more manpower to run the project at present they are recuriting the fresher a lot for voice process in BPO.

So the BPO sector desides their will a big deal with HCL with the  source of ITES.Many ITES ompany are looking for a big ontract like microsoft,cisco,sun microsoft and Google .

So nowadays HCL started their process with in 2 months , the work will be started .. because already 200 of them started their work for the same process

So this a big chance To HCL become global .with 10,000 employess in ITES

Dhoni team mates back to india

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Dhoni, teammates return to Delhi,

The skipper MS dhoni and his teammates return after the huge victory against kwis!! such that this historic series in New Zealand.

Dhoni along with the opening batsmen gautam gambhir and his partner virender sehwag,paceman Ishant Sharma and spinner Amit Mishra arrived in the wee hours at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, where the number of supporters gathered to get a glance of the players was huge.



Sehwag was accompanied by wife Aarti, while Ishant’s father Vijay Sharma came to the airport to receive the pacer.

The cricketers did not speak to the waiting reporters as they were whisked away by the security men.

India clinched the three-Test series 1-0 after the third match ended in a draw in Wellington on Tuesday. Earlier, they won the first Test in Hamilton by 10 wickets while the second match in Napier ended in a draw.

This was India’s first Test series victory on New Zealand soil since Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi’s team achieved that feat in 1967-68.

India had earlier clinched the five-match one-day series 3-1, also their first series win in the shorter version of the game in New Zealand .

According to the indian cricket team this series is golden days in all crickets to win a series in their own soil.


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Last week  an autorickshaw drive and his troops raped a somali women in southeast Delhi’s nizamuddin . the case was lodged only on Tuesday.

 The 22 years old , a refugee ,took an auto from her house around

9 p.m.

March 26, police said,after sometime of driving,the the auto driver reportedly stopped at an isolated spot near a metro construction site.

When the women alleged that the drive and another man then he also raped her.but the women could not recognize the spot ,such that where shewas got raped

After that the driver then allegedly dropped her home and threatened her not to report  about the incident to anyone. But She told to her relatives two days later About the incident,But the encouraged her to go to Nizamuddin Police Station About the incident ,so  senior police officer said.

Such that the medical report of the examination confirmed rape. In a seperate incident ,such that another raped was attempt by the different place that was a 13- years-old girls was allegedly raped by her 19-year -old neighbour in New Ashok nager .So the avoid such incident, the police officer’s ready to take action agaist the rapist ,and to bring the public awareness about the the crime in future days.


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The world has seen many things like this but we pray that thigs of that sort further should not occur again in this is the only rational being on this planet but only we humans fight for everything and dstroy our own fellowmen.the same situation prevails in srilankanot this yera or last year but it ranges to 2 decades.

The war between the srilankan government and the ltte are continuously going on right from 1980 but still no possible or mutual relationship has been achivied between the two sides till date and now during the recent times it has been turning from bad to worse to worst.a all of us know that war can never provide any solution to the demands and the needs of the people but still the government has not recognized it.

By terming to the world and showing that they will not allow the ltte to survive in the land of srilanka the government as such is killing a huge amount of innocent people of the same is an extremely pathetic situation. also the government is not allowing the united nations remedy goods , food packets ,medicines to the people who have lost their lives, their famalies, their future due to the war.

Only peace can bring things to a calm settlement.for the welfare of the nation and its citizens the government should follow peace


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The time period which pakistan is undergoing now is a worst in terms of political ,economical and social stability.each and every side from all the points it is facing a very great challenge . the recent punishments given by the talibans to the men and women in the area who go against the rules laid by them is really a terror.

Moreover the political situation in pakistan is extermely unstable and also there are no good relationships betweeen the president,the opposition,primeminister and ofcourse the supreme court judges.each one in the land wants to have the hold of power in their hands and so there exsists a conflict between all of them.

Coming on to the terror side of the land the talibans have taken hold of a state which is only 212 kms away from the capital of pakistan islamabad. apart from that the suicide bomb blasts that are occuring in the country as such is really very dangerous. for the past one month there have been many such incidents that have beeen occuring and only the commom people are being mercilessly killed in the country.these attacks are happenning in mosques ,in the common places such as markets also in places where people come and meet.

These things should come to an end and only then the land and the son of the soil can remain in peace for ever.


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Idly –  was known only to the south indians but know to most of the indians and to some of the foreigners. A simple recipe which has a lot of people who love it. From the commoner to the high class person this dish has come across all the stratas of this society.Right from the road shops to the high class restaurants this is one of the basic menu item.

The main ingredients for this simple recipe areWhite gram dal/Urud Dal 2 cups,Rice 4 cups,Fenugreek 1 tsp,Salt as per taste. Apart from that according to the modern trends now there are many forms of this recipe available.Some of the most common idly varieties are “idly- sambar -vadai”(the most common preferred dish),”sambar-idly”,”aval idly”,”dhal idly”,”bread idly”,idly upma”,”stuffed idly”,”kushboo idly”,”instant rava idly”,”chilled curd idly”,”pancharatna idly”,”kancheepuram idly”.

Idly sambar chutney is of the very best combinations which can never say a no no. Most of the south indians prefer it very much due to its incredible taste. The ghee which is being poured in this adds a lot of taste bringing the water on your lips. The basic ingredient for idly sambar and vadai is dhal basically,but mostly differ in the type of it…

Sure all the indians would prefer it so that it would enhace their taste buds to a large extent.


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meenakshi temple

meenakshi temple

India a beautiful place on earth to live and to see. A truth that you can never deny,not because i am an indian but a land that is filled with full of cultural heritage. The temples that are present especially in south india are very special for its elegance and structure .

Especially the madurai meenakshi amman temple is very proud standing crossing all the barriers that time has put up. The main god in this temple is lord shiva named as “sundareshwar” and goddess ” meenakshi amman”. The temple was built by the “Kulasekara Pandiyan” but the credit for maintaining its beauty through the ruins of time its all been because of the “Nayaks”.

Speaking on the structure the temple has twelve gopuras each one speaks volumes of the tradition this land has come across. Being built during the 16th and the 18th century it still stands tall as a national pride.The ashta shakthi mandapam in the  temple is a very spacious one.It was built by Thirumalai Nayakar’s wives Rudrapathi Ammal and Tholimamai.It is being said that once upon a time food was being distributed to people who came to see the lord from various places.

Next to the mandapam is the meenakshi nayakkar mandapam.This has around 105-110 pillars  with a lions body and an elephants head which is being called as “yalli”.The “Potramaraikulam” which is a special one because the meeting for the “tamil sangam” was being held.The oonjal mandapam is where the dieties are being kept on every fridays and being swayed.

A wonder which is very hard to be recreated again.So better to preserve so that the holy land’s culture could be preserved and spread everywhere.


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Termed as the “Peoples-Car” the newly launched “TATA-NANO”.Opting to satisfy the needs and the aspirations of the common man in this age the tata group has introduced the small wonder. Hoping to be dream for the people of india especially the middle strata, this for sure is a very good package. The dreams and hypes are going to become a reality in this month.

YES —> This word has already come from the “TATAS”. In the oficially announced meeting a week back the news came that cars are being launched in india in the month of april.There are also many booking centers that are coming up for the nano .Most probably everyone will want to take an added advantage from the most affordable car on this earth.

Many features of the nano are being noticed by all. It is being said that the engine which is being used by the autorickshaws in india is being used in nano.Obviously its a rear engine. Apart from that it has a single window wiper. Also it has only one side mirror. Some of the main features comprise of 624ccengine, 33bhp, 4 door 5 seater,Rear engine, front boot,Euro 4 compliant,front disc brakes and drums in the rear,4 speed manual gear box,Top speed 90kmph,20km per litre mileage, upto 26km per litre on highway.

The actual price of the car inclusive of all the taxes would be around 1lakh 25 thousand.During this period of recession where every industry sees a downfall including the automobile sector, this small wonder has become a boon for the persons involved in automobiles.”HAIL THE CAR OF THIS NEW ERA”